Abstract Water


Safer Drinking Water.

Cleaner Air.



We detect lead in drinking water using

ICP-MS to develop a profile.  We identify service lines and provide remediation recommendations for homes, schools, and businesses. 

Project Management

TruePani project managers and a team of engineers supporting them help facilitate all stages of client projects - from timely execution of scope to scheduling, budget tracking, submittals, and more. 

Transit Consulting

Our engineers complete data collection, modeling, analysis, and reporting for transit projects with a focus on electric vehicles. Our goal is to communicate these findings to improve the project outcome.

International Work

We began TruePani from working in a water quality lab and providing tools and insights on best practices is one of our areas of focus. We do this through webinars, trainings, and conferences.

We working with the WASH sector by providing training on drinking water detection methods, collaborating on conferences, and more. 


TruePani East

Knoxville, TN

TruePani West

Renton, WA

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