Abstract Water


Safer Drinking Water.

Cleaner Air.



Over the past five years, TruePani engineers, consultants, and communications experts have helped local and state entities develop, manage, and execute lead in drinking water testing and remediation programs.  As utilities complete lead service line inventories and replacements, our team of professionals can assist with planning, reporting, and implementing software tools to ensure regulatory compliance and protect public health.

Project & Data Management

TruePani project managers and a team of engineers supporting them help facilitate all stages of client projects - from timely execution of scope to scheduling, budget tracking, submittals, cloud-based data management and more. 

Transit Consulting

Our engineers complete data collection, modeling, analysis, and reporting for transit projects with a focus on electric vehicles. Our goal is to communicate these findings to improve the project outcome.

TruePani was founded with a mission to make technical expertise accessible.  Our projects often include communication and outreach services such as web-based platforms and we frequently host webinars, trainings, and conferences.

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