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Learn more about safe drinking water and clean technolgoies that reduce environmental contaminants.

TruePani Resources

Resources on Lead Exposure

Resources for Health Professionals, Parents, Schools, and Child Care Providers

  • Eco-Healthy Child Care Checklist by the Children's Environmental Health Network

  • Tap Into Prevention: Drinking Water Information for Health Care Providers published by the EPA

  • Parents' Guide to Preventing Lead Exposure developed by GEEARS through grant funding by the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

  • EWG Water Filter Buying Guide

  • Know what your water filter can reduce by searching the NSF Certified Drinking Water Treatment Units, Water Filters database

  • Known models of water coolers that contain lead:

    • Halsey Taylor. Model numbers: WMA-1, SWA-1, S3/5/10 C&D, S300/500/1000D, SCWT/SCWT-A, DC/DHC-1, HWC7/HWC7-D, BFC-4F/7F/4FS/7FS. Coolers with cusp connection: 5656 FTN, 5800 FTN, 8880 FTN, WM8A, WT8A, GC10A, GC10ACR, GC5A, RWM13A.

    • Ebco Manufacturing Company (also sold under the names Oasis, Kelvinator, and Aquarious). Model numbers: CP3, CP3-50, CP3H, CP5, CP10, CP10-50, 7P, 13P, 13PL, DP20, DP20-50, DP3R, DP3RH,8DP8A, DP8AH, DP13A, DP13A-50, DP14A-50/60, DP10X, C10E, WFE10, PX- 10, DP12N, DP15W, DP5M, DP7M, DP7MH, DPM8, DPM8H, DP13M, DP13M-60, DP14M, DP15M, DP16M, CP3M, CP5M, DP15MW, DP5S, DP7S, DP13S, DP14S, DP7SM, DP13SM, DP7WM, DP7WMD, DP5F, DP10F, EP5F, EP10F, WTC10, WEEC03, WEEC05, WEEC07, WEEC10, WEEC13, WEEH03, WEFC03, WEFC08, WEFC10, WEFC13, WEFC15, WEFC20, WEFC13-OX, WEFC20-OX, WEFC05-OX, WEFH03, WEFH08, WEKC03, WEKC05, WELC05, WELC07, WELC08,WELC13, WELC14, WELC15, WELC16, WELH07, WELH08, WEMC07, WEMC13, WW07T, WEFH03, WEFH08, WEPC05, WERC05, WERC07, WERC13, WETC05, WETC10, WEWC07, WEEC03-OX, WEEC10-OX.


Resources on Zero Emission Electric Buses