Study: ZeroWater® Filter Reduces Arsenic

A recent study has shown that the ZeroWater® filter is a commercially available product to decrease arsenic from drinking water. The study, from researchers at Dartmouth College, compared five readily available pitcher-style filters, including Brita® and Pur®, the two most popular filter brands in the United States.

Arsenic is naturally present in ground water in certain geographic areas. In the US, an estimated 3 million of the 43 million people who drink well water are exposed to arsenic levels above the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standard. The type of arsenic found in drinking water is a confirmed carcinogen, and can cause health effects ranging from vomiting and diarrhea to skin cancer.

A map created by USGS displays areas where arsenic is present. The orange and red areas indicate locations where 25% of samples exceed the maximum contaminant level set by the EPA.

For individuals concerned about arsenic in drinking water, the ZeroWater® filter (which retails around $30) is an effective and affordable solution compared to bottled water (estimated to cost several hundreds of dollars per year).

The ZeroWater filter (above) was the only filter of the five tested in the study to successfully decrease arsenic levels below the EPA maximum contaminant level.

The five filters tested with associated model numbers were:

ZeroWater® (model# ZD-013-D)

Pur® (model#PPT700W)

Brita® (model# OB36/OB03)

Great Value® (Wal-Mart-model# QP6-OS)

HDX® (Home Depot-model# QP8-07)

A downloadable pdf of the full study can be found here.

The World Health Organization fact sheet on arsenic can be found here.

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