Another Michigan Water Crisis: PFAS

Michigan has declared a state of emergency after officials found per- and poly- fluoroalkyl (PFAS) compounds in water supplies near Kalamazoo, Michigan. A normal amount of PFAS is 70 ppt; however, 1,410 ppt of PFAS were found in the systems. The cause of contamination has yet to be determined.

PFAS are man-made chemicals that have been created and used in various manufactured goods. They are mainly used in household products such as nonstick items and and cleaning products, and they are known to harm serious organs in our body, such as the liver and kidneys.

Kalamazoo will be required to drain their water system and have local residents flush their water at the point of use. Flushing is a common practice recommended to homeowners to decrease levels of built up contaminants.

After the Flint water crisis, Michigan’s water supply has been the topic of many discussions on water contamination. However several other states have had various drinking water issues.

Post Authors: Megha Gupta, Shanon Evanchec

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