Home Filter Installation


Purchase a home water filter from TruePani and receive same-day installation! Or, have us install a filter you previously purchased.

Our engineering team selects a filter that meets your needs. All filters are NSF certified to remove contaminants like lead, arsenic, taste and odor, PFAS, and more. 


A member of our plumbing team travels to your home at your convenience to install the filter.

We also provide on site aerator cleaning and hardness testing at no additional cost.


Call us at (678) 379-8096 or email info@truepani.com for a free consultation and quote.

Most popular filter style: Under-Sink

Average price of filter + installation: $250

Average replacement cartridge: $60

Pay when the work is complete! We accept all credit and debit cards, cash, check, PayPal, and Venmo.

Why wait? You're only a call away from safer, better tasting water.


"Very professional and excellent quality of work." -Sarah, Marietta

"Great service.  They came to my home quickly and explained everything about my new filter. The aerator cleaning was an added bonus - I didn't realize how gross it was." - Alex, Atlanta

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