Water Quality Sampling, Analysis, and Reporting for Lead, Copper, and More 


TruePani provides an innovative approach to traditional engineering consulting.  Learn about our digital solutions for safer, more transparent drinking water.

Water testing was a job I initially thought we could handle in-house. However, after seeing that more than 2,500 samples were required, I am extremely pleased we had TruePani perform the job. The organized labeling of the sample locations, effective presentation of the samples in the reports, and TruePani setting-up a website, so teachers, staff, parents, and the community could view the results were invaluable.” 

-Tim Harper, Hamilton County Schools



Traditional Program

The Traditional Program for lead in drinking water testing involves utilizing specially trained TruePani personnel to visit each of the facilities (which could be schools, daycares, homes, and/or businesses) to identify sources of lead in drinking water and collect the water samples. 


Digital Program

The Digital Program involves the recruitment of a volunteer at each facility to be in charge of data collection and sample preparation.  The volunteers are trained to collect information on the number of drinking water sources that need to be tested. TruePani then provides testing kits that are tailored to each facility and manages lab analysis and data sharing through cloud-based platforms.

Hybrid Program

Realizing that each state has its own unique logistical challenges, TruePani created the Hybrid Program, which involves a combination of both the Traditional and Digital approaches.  The Hybrid Approach allows for the most flexibility in water testing programs and allows for high quality of data and the ability to reach even the most inaccessible geographic locations

We work with...

Schools, child care facilities utilities, homes, businesses, government agencies


- Comply with regulations

- Inform remediation 

- Increase consumer confidence 

- Reduce lead in drinking water